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Zendesk is made up of people that enjoy making other people’s lives better—not only through our products, but in our everyday interactions. If you feel the same way, you should come work with us.
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"The people are the best part of Zendesk. I mean, our products are pretty great too, obviously. But the most rewarding part of my job is getting the opportunity to collaborate with smart, interesting people from across the globe."
Avi Warner
Alexa Herasimchuk​​​​​​​
slide 1 of 1"The work is great, my colleagues are amazing, and the lighting is incredibly flattering." Avi Warner


We believe in a healthy work-life balance. While we work very hard at what we do, we also want you to have room for family, friends, and, of course, yourself. At Zendesk, we keep sane work hours so that we can pursue our passions outside of the office.
We also believe in giving back. Zendesk employees are active in our respective neighborhoods, working to amplify the great qualities that already exist in our local communities. We volunteer regularly and are proud to help those in need.
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Perks and benefits

Zendesk offers competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package for full-time employees. This includes time off, referral bonuses, patent bonuses, and educational opportunities for your career development. And fully stocked kitchens, happy hours, shiny new technology, and the occasional pleasure of seeing executives dressed in holiday costumes make the in-house perks pretty sweet, too.
Rest and relaxation
We understand that you have a life outside of work. That means plenty of PTO for full-time employees—and plenty of couches for a change of scenery or to step away from your desk.
Health and wellness
Health is more than medical coverage for you and your family. You can participate in yoga or bootcamp fitness classes, and enjoy access to healthy produce, snacks, and a wellness discount program.
Learning and development
There’s never an end road for professional development. Full-time employees are reimbursed with our education program when they attend a professional conference or take courses to develop new skills within their career.
Planning for the future
Sometimes life happens and events take us by surprise. No matter what the occasion, our benefits package keeps you covered — with a 401K match, 16 weeks of maternity/paternity leave, disability and life insurance.
Zendesk Team
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