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Thank you for your interest in joining our Sales Development team at Zendesk. We’re delighted you made it here. This page is your guide to us, and to our recruitment process. Grab a cup of tea, settle in, and read on.

Zendesk makes better experiences for agents, admins, and customers. As employees, we encourage each other to grow and innovate. As a company, we roll up our sleeves to plant roots in the communities we call home. ​​​​​​

Our customer service and engagement products are powerful and flexible, and scale to meet the needs of any business. Zendesk products work right out of the box, with powerful features and functions to help any business improve their support operations. Our platform is designed to grow and scale, so it works for companies of any size—from startup to enterprise.
Our culture is one of our key cornerstones and what sets us apart in the industry. Each of our offices are a true representation of diversity, with people from all over the world, working in roles spanning Engineering, Advocacy, Training, Education, People Ops, Talent, Legal, IT. The list goes on. We keep things quite informal at Zendesk and regularly host Happy Hours, Town Halls, Cross Functional Town Halls where everyone is invited to join. We do not believe in forced fun because all that leads to is a forced culture. Saying all that, we are still dedicated to our job but we don’t work crazy hours. We have time for family, for friends and, of course, for our own passions outside of work.
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Meet the team
What do they say about their Zendesk experience?

career path
Niels De Munck 

​​​​​​​Dublin is a global, entrepreneurial city with a bright future, and if you have ambition and want to share in the success, Dublin is the city to go to.


Why did I choose to work for Zendesk? Quite simply, it is a great place to advance your career in a multi-cultural environment. Zendesk has become an extraordinarily, culturally diverse place. People come from all over the globe to live and work for Zendesk, and this gives you new insight into different cultures. – you can be sure that visitors from your own country are amongst them at Zendesk. Finding like-minded people to socialise with is made easier again by the friendly and welcoming nature of the people who work at Zendesk.

Be Innovation
Audrey Fleutelot

​​​​​​​I’ve been welcomed incredibly
well and everyone is genuinely willing to give you a helpful hand to get started but also on a daily basis. On top of that working in a sales dev team at Zendesk means being surrounded by people coming from all over EMEA with different cultures and origins. Our wide diversity is incredibly enriching ! On top of that, being all expats contributes to creating this unique feeling of being all part of the same family and being here for eachother. If you’re looking for a place where you’ll come to work with a smile on your face, feeling very welcomed and accepted and where you’ll grow surrounded by amazing people, Zendesk is definitely the right place for you !

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our team

Exchange Knowledge
Patrick Michalczyk

​​​​​​​My career path with Zendesk has been enjoyable and truly rewarding. I started as a Researcher for the sales department to start my international sales career and have subsequently achieved promotions to Sales Development Representative and now Business Development Representative for the German market. I have learned so much at Zendesk and am very grateful to Zendesk to have given me the chance to progress my Career. What I love most at Zendesk is that all peers and managers enable you, are supportive and want you to progress and be successful.

Health and Wellness
Cathryn Word

One of my biggest highlights since joining Zendesk is being heavily involved with our Social impact committee! I have had the opportunity to work together with some wonderful charities doing work I am very passionate about. Zendesk actively encourages all employees to spend at least 6 hours per year volunteering. This to me shows a company that truly cares about their community and creating a fulfilling environment for their employees.

Ali Hoban

Since starting in Zendesk 8 months ago, I really was blown away by the people. Everyone has been extremely supportive, helpful and welcoming, I feel like I have worked here for years! Starting my sales career in the tech industry, the on-boarding was top class, big focus on enabling us with the product side of things and leveraging our sales skills to be ready to hit the ground running! There are endless opportunities to develop my career and I am delighted to be a part of the Zendesk family!

Subsidized Lunch
Marcus Brydon
​​​​​​​I’ve enjoyed being at Zendesk for over 4 years working in London and Dublin. I love the product, the people, and the career opportunities here. Working with the team, I feel valued, and job support is second to none. There is a clear route to progression with career advice, coaching and development readily given, regardless of job title or position. There is a great work/life balance for me at Zendesk; we are both colleagues and friends here
Meet the team
​​​​​​​What do they say about their Zendesk experience?

« I love sales development because it encompases everything I am passionate about; sales, marketing, operations and above all helping sales professionals accelerate their career. Leading a team is an incredible privilege and responsibility, particularly in Zendesk where the calibre of talent is so high. Everyday, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to shape and impact how we help our customers, generate more revenue pipeline and provide a fun environment that inspires the team to succeed. »

Andrew Pitcher
EMEA Director Sales Development

Meet the team
What do they say about their Zendesk experience?

«  I joined Zendesk as an SMB AE 3 years ago for three reasons: the culture, the product and the growth.  The culture I’ve experienced is open, positive and all about learning. Our customers love the product, and we are constantly delivering new innovations. This growth offers the opportunity to make a real impact - I’m now leading a Sales Dev team, and get to help reps build their careers. Our org is not just the future of Zendesk as a business, but of tech as an industry. »

​​​​​​​Holly O'Doherty
Sales Development Manager
Meet the team
​​​​​​​What do they say about their Zendesk experience?
« Joining Zendesk last year was quite simply, the best career decision I have ever made and I feel exceptionally lucky and valued to work for such an innovative, people-focused organisation. It is a privilege to lead and develop a team of talented, hard-working and inspiring Sales Development professionals across several of our European markets and look forward to welcoming even more of you to our incredible team as we continue to grow our teams and the wider business. »
​​​​​​​Dave Murphy
​​​​​​​Sales Development Manager
Meet the team
What do they say about their Zendesk experience?
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​​​​​​​Jodi Mason
Sales Development Manager
Meet the team
What do they say about their Zendesk experience?
« I joined Zendesk to lead one of their first outbound sales teams based in EMEA. Since joining we've tripled down on our efforts after seeing huge growth across the continent. My drive comes from the passion I have for Sales development. From creating new ideas to generate more revenue for the business, to also helping early-career professionals realise their full potential. Zendesk gives you the autonomy and support to help you be the best version of yourself. There are no secrets to success apart from being passionate about the job you're doing and working hard.»
​​​​​​​Kier Johnson
Sales Development Manager

Our recruitment process

We’re excited to get to know you, learn about projects you’ve worked on, and experiences you can bring to Zendesk. You’ll speak to us in Sales Development, and nice people across the Zendesk team. Here's an overview:
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Your Recruiting Partner I'm Bianca, recruiter at Zendesk and handling the hiring needs for our Sales Development team. I will help guide you through the process, answers all your questions and hopefully lead you to offer! You can contact me via  - Bianca Petri, Recruiter
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